March Plus Buzz: Premast Plus updates and latest news ✌️

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
March 31, 2022
March Plus Buzz for Premast


March Plus Buzz🔥

We had an exciting month in Premast ; March was big and full of great moments. Moments when we tested, created, built, worked, and celebrated. In this article we will share all new updates with you. As we announced throughout the month, we had the most focus on our new Google Slides Add on.

Besides working on development and releasing it to the public to test and use, we plan to launch on Product Hunt website as we have a great community of supporters and users there, we will share more on it below.

We had some improvements and fixes to make, aiming to always meet your needs. Premast team created stunning assets to enrich our library with up-to-date and trendy elements and for you to stay on top of things with modern designs.


Premast Plus for Google Slides

Finally, we are on Google Slides as well. Premast Plus Google Slides add on became life this month and you all got the chance to try it out and we got a lot of nice and encouraging feedback. Templates, illustrations, icons, images, and Gifs are all accessible inside the famous Google slides. 

We also got the chance to launch Premast for Google Slides on Product Hunt and get featured as 4th product of the day.

Premast Plus for Google Slides Add on launch on PH

We had a blast time connecting with this awesome community, it’s not our first launch and we enjoy it every time. If you want to know more about our techniques when it comes to launching on PH, Read this.

We received a lot of great feedback and enjoyed getting recommendations and suggestions. It made us proud and assured us we are heading the right way. Soon enough “Brand Kits” feature will be available in Google Slides, and color editor will be available in PowerPoint. You can check what people think about our Add on from the comments section, feel free to express your opinions too.

Here are some examples we would love to add to this month’s documentation ⬇️


Premast Plus Color Editor – Easy editing for better customization

Our newest added feature, color editor that was built to give you effortless way to edit colors of both illustrations and icons. You can find and use our color editor on Premast Plus web app and in our Google Slides add-on. Soon enough it will be available for PowerPoint users too.


Improvements and fixes on the go 🛠️

  1. Improved navigation menu.
  2. Fixed slides image size for faster load.
  3. Fixed an issue in what’s new page.

March Popular Items on Premast Plus 

Introducing the most popular items to inspire you and share what people like. Slides, illustrations and icons.


This month we created plenty of slides for you to use, we cared to include all new and trendy topics and we always ask you to recommend the categories you need more of in our private community. We listen and we deliver.

temp 3temp1
temp2   templ4


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This month was exciting as we celebrated women month with new illustration, yet some of our old ones kept on being popular and most downloaded per March.



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As icons are an important part of our monthly uploads, we created for March, Four cool packs that fit different tastes and styles.


frame 590 (1)
frame 591
frame 588 (1)
frame 583

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Premast Plus Press📢


We witnessed a lot of mentioning and talking about Premast Plus all over Twitter. Mentioned in a couple of YouTube videos.
It was a blessing to communicate with new communities and mentioned across the web, excited for the upcoming month, April is already exciting for us. Quarter 1 of 2022 is done and the other three to embrace👏🚀
Don’t forget to join our private community to know everything first and at a glance




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