Educational PowerPoint templates for teachers in Lockdown

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
March 29, 2021
education powerpoint templates

Education changed big in the past year, things as we knew totally changed. Schools now don’t require attendance and live participation. It[‘s been a decade since we started to digitize the learning process and educational system but we looped because of coronavirus. Countries all over the world started to take clear actions to keep education going. As a result, teachers face a lot of challenges in how they will deliver information and keep the communication strong, besides looking for tools to connect and organize, they started to look for tools to create educational content, and as so we all needed an educational template for different subjects and represent different classes. In this blog post, we will introduce an educational PowerPoint template for teachers to use in lockdown.


Why PowerPoint?!

PowerPoint Templates are one of the most used tools to present content. We recommend it for educators especially as it is efficient to use a totally edited template multiple times. Our educational PowerPoint templates are customizable to the extent that you can change the tiniest detail. Starting with the colors themes and the outlays to resizing, reorganizing, and rewrite the content to fit different classes and subjects. PowerPoint templates flexibility enables the teachers to share and engage with the student perfectly.


6 Educational PowerPoint templates for teachers in Lockdown


1- Education PowerPoint Presentation Template


education PowerPoint template

education PowerPoint template education PowerPoint Templates


Education PowerPoint Presentation Template from Premast is designed to fit any project needs for universities, schools, studies, and much more. It’s designed that your audience stays tuned in your presentation and never loses focus. Professional and flexible to customize the template to deliver your message. You can utilize it for different purposes in an easy way.


2- E-Learning PowerPoint Presentation Template (Education PPT)


e-learning PowerPoint template

e-learning PowerPoint templates el-learning PowerPoint template


E-Learning PowerPoint Template is another education powerpoint template for those who are working in the sector. You will find educational icons along with e-learning icons that more related to the new educational process. Infographicstimeline, process illustration, and various slides are included.


3-Math Lesson – Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation


math powerpoint template math powerpoint templates

Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation template designed in a delightful way that helps teachers present to children. A PowerPoint template for math lessons that can help the user to communicate in class efficiently. As we know visuals affect the receiving information process 90% better than text content, well that’s not only for adults. Actually, for children, it’s even more important to pick visual tools that suit whatever you are trying to teach.


4- Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template


online education PowerPoint template

online education PowerPoint template online education powerpoint template


Online education PowerPoint presentation template is ready to go. Due to the situations, the world is seeing right now social distancing is a must and so does distance education. That’s why we were inspired to create an online education PowerPoint presentation template. An education ppt that motivates the educational process to continue. An online education ppt is designed to fit different needs and purposes.


5- Educated – Education Course Presentation Template


education course powerpoint Template

education course powerpoint template education course powerpoint templates

Educated – Education Course Powerpoint Template is a powerpoint template that can be used for any type of presentation: Education Template, Portfolio, Company Profile, Multipurpose, Creative Agency, Custom Production, and can also be used for Personal Portfolios.


6- General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation PPT


General Lesson Plan PowerPoint template

General Lesson Plan PowerPoint templates  General Lesson Plan PowerPoint template

General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation is ready to download with just one click. Introducing an educational PowerPoint presentation template that stands out and serves different classes and types of learning.


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