Best Education PowerPoint Templates “EDU Support Program is included”

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
July 7, 2020

Education PowerPoint Templates are designed to support the user whether they are students or educators to create the content that they need. In this blog post, we will mention some of our premium and free education PowerPoint templates. We will discuss our education support program too, encouraging those who are struggling to keep on track when it comes to schools, universities, and work to do so.

Documenting is a big deal in the educational process as a communication tool to transform and deliver information across departments and education levels. PowerPoint templates are great formate to use as it gives a wide range of potential to design and get creative and it is really easy to edit and customize your templates. That’s why at Premast we focus on creating templates that help in different areas and give the users opportunities to create even further. We need to say that maybe we will include totally education-themed PowerPoint templates here but in general, now there are business students, medical students, creative art students, and more so it’s not only about the education PowerPoint template-directed to educators.


Education Support Program from Premast

Free premium PowerPoint templates for students
Free premium PowerPoint templates for students

Before getting to the templates, let’s talk about our support program fro the educational process and who is involved whether they are students or educators or even administrative workers. This special Free premium access works in any category of knowledge and anyone has an academic email that can claim this offer.

Who can use it?! good question, to be more specific Students at any degree under and boost graduates, educators such as “Teacher or professors” and administrative workers and that leaves us to anyone have education email in this format “[email protected]

If you are studying anything related to “Business, Medicine, teaching, finance, development, creative art, etc” You will find PowerPoint related to these topics and more and now to educational PowerPoint templates.



Education PowerPoint Templates


1- General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation PPT

General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation for teachers & students

This General Lesson Plan PowerPoint Presentation helps to empower the educators to use visual tools that help him/her teach their lessons and found the right illustrations to present their content. Lately, the educational process is encouraging a movement forward towards online learning during the lockdowns happening in different areas around the world, we found that such a presentation lesson ppt will help teachers communicate better and maintain their work in the best form.


2- Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Online Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Online education PowerPoint presentation template is ready for you. Due to the current situation, the world is facing right now social distancing is a must and so does distance education. For that reason, we are inspired to design an online education PowerPoint presentation template. An education ppt that motivates the educational process to continue. An online education ppt is designed to fit different needs and purposes.


3- Math Lesson – Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation

Math Lesson – Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation

Mathematics PowerPoint Presentation template designed in a fun way that helps teachers present maths to children. A PowerPoint template for math lessons that can help educators to communicate in class efficiently. As we know visuals support receiving information 90% better than text content, well that’s not only for adults. Actually, for children, it’s even more important to pick visual tools that suit mathematical equations.


4-  E-Learning PPT Presentation Template 

E-Learning PPT Presentation Template 

E-Learning PowerPoint Template is another education PowerPoint template for those who are working in the education sector. You will find educational icons along with e-learning icons that more related to the new educational process that will build a strong PowerPoint presentation. Infographicstimeline, process illustration, and various slides are included.


5- Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Education PowerPoint Presentation Template

Education – PowerPoint Presentation from Premast is designed to fit any project needs for universities, schools, studies, and much more. It’s designed that your audience stays tuned in your presentation and never loses focus. Professional and flexible to customize the template to deliver your message. You can utilize it for different purposes in an easy way.


6- Education presentation free PowerPoint template

Education presentation free PowerPoint template

This ppt template is designed inclusively for Education-related presentations. We understand the level of professionalism upon which educational institutes operate, creating these icons will inspire you from great content. In this Template, you will find Unique, creative, professional, and uncluttered designs that are specially crafted to engage and persuade your audience.


7- Free Education Icons Pack

Free 15 Education Icons Pack

Education Icons are designed to help educators and people working on the education sector or educational projects. All the icons can be edited and changed around.


8- 40 educational icons Pack for PowerPoint

40 educational icons for PowerPoint (SVG - PNG - PPT)

A set of forty education Icons and symbols, clean, minimalist, and creative designs. all the icons files are easily editable, so you can change their colors, size, and get a new outcome. This set of icons you can use it in your next education PowerPoint design.


9- 24 Educational Icon set ready for PowerPoint

24 Educational Icon set for PowerPoint (SVG - PPT)

Another set of icons that focuses on Educational icons, any vector you may need to demonstrate information about classes, lessons, grades, students, and educators.

In the end, it’s important to remind you that all of these are in PowerPoint format which makes them easy to be edited and customized. You can use it to present, report, share information and use it as a design material to communicate. Check out our other PowerPoint templates and don’t forget to share the education support program with your friends and colleagues.

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