Best Covid-19 and Quarantine PowerPoint Templates

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
May 27, 2020
covid 19 powerpoint presentation

Best Covid-19 and Quarantine PowerPoint Templates are available to download. In this article, we collected PowerPoint presentation templates related to coronavirus, protection, hygienes, mental health, Quarantine and medical background. This pandemic is all over the place. It is changing our lives and now it is included in all of our plans. Business and personal ones. To be able to take place in this fight and survive you need to be aware with what is ahead and share it with those who are involved.

The below Coronavirus PowerPoint presentation templates, are with different styles and themes to fit multiple uses. Looking at them you should find visual tools that help you win your audience and deliver your message. Some of these presentations template contains real information and real-time data. Check them out and pick your next handy design.

And remember to stay safe and support your surroundings, shall we go back to our everyday life soon. And now to the presentation <3


Best Covid-19 and Quarantine PowerPoint Templates from Premast


1- Dashi COVID-19 | Coronavirus Dashboard Report Presentation

Coronavirus Dashboard Report Presentation

The user of this COVID 19 dashboard PowerPoint template finds different slides that present the reflection of this crisis on different marketing channels, to name them SEO, Social Media, and advertising. Some dashboard slides on profit and finance are included. This Coronavirus ppt template is a practical and professional tool that can be adjusted and edited to use it in many situations check it out now.



2- Coronavirus Powerpoint Presentation Template

Coronavirus Powerpoint Presentation Template

We introduce the ultimate coronavirus PowerPoint template. An informative PowerPoint template is for you. First, it contains information that encourages you to be well educated about the Coronavirus and get a peek of what the world is facing dealing with this disaster. The Coronavirus PowerPoint template contains information about how it all started and how to take care of ourselves and our surroundings. Check it out and download it now.


3- Hygiene Prevention (COVID-19) PowerPoint Presentation

Hygiene Prevention (COVID-19) PowerPoint Presentation

Lately Raising awareness about the regular Hygienes became highly necessary. To stay safe and sound, It’s really important to practice very simple yet very effective habits on daily basis for example just washing your hands each now and then could increase your health protection by 50%. The ped-amidic of coronavirus made all of us aware of how the primary lessons we were taught when we were little kids school was really important to consider and learn. Adding to the extended efforts for COVID 19 prevention here is a Hygiene & Prevention PowerPoint presentation template.


4- Mental Health During Isolation PowerPoint Presentation

Mental Health During Isolation PowerPoint Presentation

We are all trapped in our houses in order To keep our families safe and sound. Maybe it’s not our cup of tea but we all around the world are quarantining. Even if you are not a social butterfly, you for sure are bored like all of us. So we introduced a PowerPoint template about mental health, we all are trying to keep ourselves sane during this COVID 19 thing. let’s pray we all return to ou lives soon. This ppt titled Mental health during isolation includes different layouts and ideas that help you express the time people spending. You can use it as an introduction to mental health documentation and have ideas on how to spend your time while locked out.


5- Pandemic Emergency PowerPoint PPT Template

Pandemic Emergency PowerPoint PPT Template

A Pandemic Emergency PowerPoint Template. Choosing your visuals affects your PowerPoint presentation. This slide is fully editable, you can change everything about it to fit your style and needs. Check out our other slide collections, download them and share them to raise awareness. Emergency PowerPoint slide is ready for you now.


6- CoronaVirus PPT Slide Template – Symptoms & Infection

Coronavirus PPT Slide Template – Symptoms & Infection

We all are living in this struggle. Every day we hear more about what COVID 19 is doing to the world. We are totally involved that’s why we designed free to download PowerPoint slides about coronavirusCoronavirus SymptomsCoronavirus Infection, and what it is. you can use this to raise awareness and you can add it to a COVID 19 PowerPoint presentation.




Other Best COVID-19 and Quarantine PowerPoint Templates From Creative Market


7- Corona Virus PPT Template

Corona Virus PPT Template

Here is a Corona Virus ppt that is a modern and professional presentation template. This presentation helps raise awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a fully customized presentation template. All the elements are designed in Powerpoint format so you don’t have to use Photoshop to edit any all elements around.


8- Coronavirus Covid 19 Presentation

Coronavirus Covid 19 Presentation

We want to contribute to our work at this time and we wish it will be useful to you guys. There are many possible uses where such a presentation is suitable. We would like to make it easier with creating slideshows on this coronavirus topic.


9- Corona Virus Pandemic – Medical Powerpoint Template

Corona Virus Pandemic - Medical Powerpoint Template

This PowerPoint Presentation Template can be used for different cases, such as Business, Pitch Deck, Creative Studio, Agency, Company Profile, Corporate, Photography, and also can be used for Portfolio. This Presentation Template contains Modern, Elegant, creative, Professional, and unique layouts.


10- Virus Education PowerPoint Presentation

Virus Education PowerPoint Presentation

If you are looking to create a modern presentation to win your audience, no more looking. The Virologic Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint contains 34 professional looking slides that can be totally edited to suit your professional medical and business need.


11- Covid-19 Virus – Medical PowerPoint

Covid-19 Virus - Medical PowerPoint

This Presentation Template useable for a variety of purposes. Business, Pitch Deck, Creative Studio, Company Profile, and Photography. This PowerPoint Presentation Template contains Modern, Elegant, creative, Professional, and unique layouts.


12- Covid-19 Protection – PowerPoint Template

Covid-19 Protection - PowerPoint Template

To educate the public about the dangers of the coronavirus, in this ppt template you can raise awareness about the coronavirus, how to prevent it, how to deal with people who have been affected. This can be used for corporate too. so this presentation can be used for many things. This presentation can be used for Health, Hospital, Meet up, Health counselling, Corporate, Agency, Company, Business, Guide and others

All the above PowerPoint presentation templates about Covid19 and healthcare are useful for many more purposes. As they are made in PowerPoint formate, they are fully customized. Using related templates helps deliver your message in a more direct and understood way. A variety of styles and options are included.

Praying for all of us to pass this time by wishing to go back to our normal lives soon enough. Stay safe, take care of your surroundings, and keep the hope until this crisis end.

Check Premast templates for more PowerPoint presentation templates for business, medical, education and more

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