Our Story

2O17 was our start. As we started as individual designers, we noticed that people are
expecting us to offer a onetime service and as it’s known we the designers don’t
really love the idea of edits and executing something not professional and not
following the standards. We thought of creating a platform for non-designers, a
product that is based on providing tools, guidelines and options that makes them
create what they need themselves, so at the end they have a design they desire.

Our values:

1- Design is a product not a service
To make it simple, we believe that our role is to produce tools, guide lines
and options that you can use it yourself to have your desired results. Say
goodbye to edits and extra cost. Instead of hiring someone to do it for you,
do it yourself and have a product you can use for good.

2- We move fast, coping up with the market
Being updated is a main focus at Premast. Design trends, technology progress
and even where the business world is heading and what is needed. You will
find the newest and the best options among our solutions.

3- Use the world diversity to connect
We can easily see through people and different culture, and we believe in the
power of diversity to enrich creativity and inspire others.

4- Dedication means we lead the way with our hearts and mange it with our

How Can We Help You?

 You can:

  1. Download free templates and save tons of time & effort.
  2. Download premium items and get more features & creativity.
  3. Request for customization from our very best designers.
  4. Hire our team for your preferred work.
  5. Learn & grow with us as a part of the community.

Why should you Bookmark Us?

  1. If you are a designer, you can use our graphics and template to make a presentation or any other design which will be editable for your client.
  2. We added new templates and graphics every week all for free
  3. be part of our community which support the end user editable designs.
  4. Learn and grow with us as a part of the community

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