New Premast-Plus Presentation Templets, Medical, Infographic & Mockups + Farming Icons Pack

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
June 21, 2022

One of the hustles we face when creating a presentation is making creative, unique yet professional designs. This may cost us time and effort, so we at Premast provide you with the solution.  Ready-made yet editable and professional designs will help you avoid this hustle. All you need is to edit it to fit your needs. In this article, we present some of the recently added items in the assets library at Premast-plus. This time we focus on Medical, Mockups, and infographics.



Medical Templates


 Operation Room SlideMedical template

Human Body Slide

Medical Template

Heart Attack Symptoms & Recovery Slide

Medical template

Heart Attack Symptoms & Causes Slide

medical template

Exchange Oxygen & Carbon Slide

medical template

Blood Flow Slide

Medical template from Premast

Analytic Graphic Human Body Slide

medical template for Premast

Medical Templates that work in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. The slides are fully editable and can be edited to fit your uses and tastes. Visual aids in medicine is really important and helpful. It helps deliver information and for the audience to visually imagine the human body. Medical management, lectures, sessions, conferences and more can benefit from using such professional designs View More Medical Slides


Infographic Templates 


Ring Infographic Slide


Ring Infographic from Premast plus

Project Road Map Slide

Project road map template from premast plus

Project Structure Slide

project structure template from Premast


Process Infographic Slide

process infographic slide from Premast plusLamp Infographic Slide

lamp infographic from Premast Plus

Gear Infographic Slide

gear infographic slide

Infographic for Process Slide

process infographic slide

Infographic Template is really helpful, they have many shapes and uses. You can get creative and create different versions. The slides above are a sample of the new ones added to Plus Library. They are fully editable and can be customized to address your process, project, timeline, and more. Infographics help you create content that depends on visuals while delivering a lot of available information. View More Infographics


Mockups Template


iPad Mockup Slide

ipad mockup from Premast Plus

Android Support Mockup Slide

mockup template for Premast

IOS Support Mockup Slide

IOS mockup from Premast Plus

Dashboard & Backend Mockup Slide

mockup template from premast

Mockups are the perfect visual tools to add to your presentation. They put your design into action before even producing stuff. You can use it to showcase your SaaS, website, mobile app, and more. It also can be used as a guide for the audience to take certain actions. All the mockups are editable. View More Mockup Slides


Farms and gardening pack

A greenish theme for the farm icons. Each icon included is editable, color it with your own color palette and check out more icons 

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