Premast Plus Recently Added Items – Presentations Templates and More Insurance Icons

By : Omnia Abdelgawad
April 23, 2022

This week we at Premast Plus introduce a bunch of new designs that work perfectly for your presentations. We try our best every week to create and publish new assets for your library that you can pick from to renew your presentation game. Whether you are using PowerPoint or Google Slides you can access all the below designs and more inside your presentation tool.

You will find this week that we have provided you with a group of different outlays and design ideas. The slides mentioned in this article are just examples of more created items this week and remember that you will find all the new creations when you use the recent filter and the web app, PowerPoint plug-in, and Google Slides add-on. You can always like the slides below and find them later and your favorites.

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1- Improving Service Quality Slide


This improving service quality slide work for presentations as it has a clean design that can be customized to fit different tastes or users. It includes spaces for numbers to catch eyes and icons to determine what you are talking about

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2- Internal Design And Decoration Slide

This is a unique slide to design interior designers who are preparing presentations for their customers. All of these bright images can be replaced by your own work as an image placeholder easily. You can also add your logo at the bottom of the slide to show off your brand.

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3- Our Achievements Slide

Our achievement slide can be used to mention your achievements in order. This slide is different as it includes multiple elements that make your presentation look professional besides texts you can also insert an image of the Ceo with a quote that represents his own mindset.

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4- Our Clients Slide

To win new clients you need to show them how you have helped your old ones. This slide enables you to present six of your clients in a unique way. You can fully edit it to follow your brand guidelines.

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5- Our Services Slide

A new presentation slide designed to present your service it’s really important for companies to convince the potential clients with the values you are taking in this slide we try to achieve that by adding a space for header text 2 images and the place for you to mention the highlights of your services with icons to represent them.

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6- Our Price Slide

This slide works for showcasing your bundles or pricing plans of course you can change the images with something relevant to your business and it is just to fit your taste. This slide is fully editable and works for any pricing

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7- What Are People Saying About Us Slide

This slide is designed in a way that makes it usable for different situations but as written in it what are people saying about us, would be great if you wanted to highlight a specific testimonial or feedback from one of your successful clients

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8- Our Testimonials Slide

A testimonial slide Where you can collect and showcase different testimonials and opinions from clients you have worked with or people that used your tool to convince new potential clients or users to join them. This slide is fully editable. You can change colors images and insert text

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9- Company History Slide

Company history slide designed in an infographic timeline outlay where you can add all the achievements and highlights of your company over five years of course you can edit this slide and add more circles and more years it’s designed in a modern and colorful way.

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10 – Contact Us For More Information Slide

Contact us For more information slide is essential in any presentation you have to end and wrap up your presentation was providing your audience with your contact information as they may need to contact you for further communication or to ask about anything and know more about your topic or company.

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11- First Aid Slides

These two slides are designed for medical fields, especially first aid. adding symbols and shapes that help you present and talk about a medical topic was very important to us you can of course find more options in premast plus illustrations and icons.

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Insurance Icons Set

This week we added more to the insurance I come back from last week you will find more icons that represent the topic like the calculator send cluck house save and more all of the icons included are fully editable and you cannot change their colors and size and don’t forget that you can access them inside premaster plus and you can it edit then before downloading on the web app.

View Icons Set


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